artistic statement

VCB in Exile w Laura & Shannon  in Boogie Down Dance Series 2012 Made In The Bronx May 4th @ BAAD.jpg

I choreograph to inspire and motivate people. My work is passionate, ethnically diverse, and cutting-edge, using a diverse dance vocabulary. The choreography, requiring articulated bare feet and sometimes precision pointe work, takes audiences on a self-reflective journey. The dancers move seamlessly through many genres--ballet, modern, jazz, African, Latin, and traditional spiritual gospel. These dance forms, often combined within a single work, wrap into a contemporary ballet style. The movements consist of a ballet base technique using contemporary ballet lines and very low-grounded floor work derived from a modern technique with elements of African dance.
VISIONS Contemporary Ballet is a vehicle through which my voice can be heard. Having had family members as well as myself affected by cancer, giving dance a voice in the fight for health is my passion. My work is often based on the human experience. VISIONS Contemporary Ballet is for audiences of all ages, abilities, communities and backgrounds.

Ranardo-Domeico Grays, Founder/Artistic Director VISIONS Contemporary Ballet





choreographic works

Through The Valley
Length: 30 minutes
1. Transcendence
2. Birth (view here)
3. Deja Vu
4. Visitation
5. Exile (view here)
6. Respiration


Length: 25 minutes
1. Touched
2. Rise  
3. Graciousness (view here)
4. Testimony
5. Confirmation

Beautiful Madness
Length: 13 minutes (view here)
1. Wounded Past
2. Stolen Self
3. Armondo

Length: 20 minutes (view here) 
1. Fighting Light
2. 'Til It's Done
3. Cradle
4. Felt
5. Smudge

Caught: 100 Dove
Length: 13:30 minutes (view here)
Length 9 minutes (view here)
Peace Be Still
Length: 10 minutes (view here)
Sleek White Candle
Length: 10 minutes (view here)